Metty’s Banana Bread

When we first moved to Canada, banana bread was new to us. I know, that’s hard to imagine, isn’t it. Metty handed me her recipe, and since then: this is the one! She also taught me to place overripe banana’s in the freezer and use them up in banana bread.
Cooking and baking has always been a joyful pastime for me but the last couple of years I kind of rolled out of it. I have made myself the promise that I will do more of the things that make me happy. Baking a simple crowd pleaser like this is an excellent start to dabble back into a great hobby.

PS For some reason I always need to change something up in a recipe. This time I substituted half a cup of sugar for honey, I added a teaspoon of ‘speculaas’ spices and I omitted the nuts.)

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