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Ria’s Zucchini Soup


Good friends,
good food,
good times!

Several years ago, one of my Dutch besties surprised me with a visit in Bright’s Grove. For the first hour, I was left speechless, but then we effortlessly picked up where we had left off when we were still residing in the same town. We cooked, talked, shopped, laughed, explored, decorated and hiked, until unexpectedly, I ended up in the hospital. Of course I was sad, this didn’t fit in our plans, but afterwards I realized what a blessing it had been that she was here. She was home with the boys; she cooked, loved, cared, and enjoyed her purposeful time here. One of the recipes she left with us is this zucchini soup. It’s easy to make, has a beautiful silky texture, is healthy and very tasty! This soup always reminds me: “Good fiends, good food, good times!”

Try it for your self – and don’t forget to leave your tasty comments!

Click below to download Ria’s Zucchini Soup recipe!

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