The Mind
Behind Kind

Faith is the ability to see
things that don’t already exist

“Create the home you love to be in”

Our tagline is derived from my personal experiences and beliefs on a day to day basis. Create the
home you love to be in. A home that makes you feel safe, comfortable, happy and grounded. A
home that makes you feel YOU. So that you feel uplifted and energized to thrive. To go out there
and meet the world. Or to be in it, if that same world is too overwhelming.
To live your best life. To be you.

Our Kind Team

Janet Hofstra

Founder & Owner

From a long-held dream to a vibrant reality. In 2017 I founded Kind Decor; a decision that I wholeheartedly embrace each and every day.

I am driven by a love for people and a passion for beautiful living spaces which has resulted in Kind Decor: the store that radiates a positive ambiance and offers an array of beautiful decor and gifts. The store where everything is real; the laughs, the service and the memories made. Our goal is to inspire you, to provide the tools to create, and to be your companion as you bring your vision to life. Whether it is for yourself or a gift for a loved one, everyone deserves the joy of something truly special and meaningful. 

We love to see you. Trust us, at Kind it never is a one-time encounter; you will become a valued part of our Kind family.


Jeroen Bos


Jeroen is the calm, strong and resilient force behind Kind. He provides help wherever it is needed, whenever it is needed. His devotion and follow-through have allowed Kind to be what it is today. Furthermore, with his company Kopes Trading, Jeroen is the official importer of Brynxz Collections for North America.

Metty Swart


Metty is our lovely customer focused associate. Her friendly demeanor and natural talent for connecting with people has served her well in several retail roles over the last 40 years. Metty’s expertise in furniture, design and eye for colour have proven invaluable in guiding our customers’ visions.

Rob Bos

Web Creation & Development

As a fresh 2023 graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Rob is embarking on the early stages of his career. In the meantime, he is lending his expertise in web design & development and taking on administrative tasks for Kind. His dedication, attention to detail, creative mind and friendly nature make him a pleasure to work with.

Our Current Favourites

“We believe in fully experiencing the products we offer. And what better way to do that than use them ourselves. Our crinkle throw has been through a lot. If only it could speak, it would tell you about accompanying us to the beach, providing comfort in sickness, and warmth in the winter. Yet, except from some snags from our cat Coco, it remains in excellent condition.
When style and longevity come together like this, it deserves a cherished spot in our store and our homes.”

– Janet

“The crackle finish and the versatile purposes are why I really like this pot. It currently sits on our kitchen counter with utensils in it. Another one is displayed on our bathroom shelf with guest towels rolled up in it. Regardless, we have sold it many times over as the planter that it was intended for”
– Jeroen

“These Brynxz plates are great in terms of their weight and shape. Their rough, textured exterior adds weight and substance to an area. Their wide circumference, perfectly flat bottom and low height are great for holding all sorts of items; be it fruits, decor, prayer beads, books, candles and your personal treasures. It is an easy one to create that
styled – seemingly unstyled – look.
– Metty