Secrid Care & Repair

Secrid Care & Repair

Repairing is better than replacing.
Find out how to take care of your wallet.

Does your Secrid Wallet need to be repaired?

Kind Decor is now a Care & Repair point for Secrid Wallets.

We will repair problems such as
1. My cards fall out of my Cardprotector
2. I can’t get my cards out of my Cardprotector
3. My Cardprotector’s lever is loose

At our Care & Repair point, we will

Fix your Secrid wallet…

1. as soon as possible, and
2. for FREE during the guarantee period

Tips & Tricks


The red felt pads inside your Cardprotector may wear off after a few years of use. You can temporarily fix this issue by gently rubbing the felt pads with a key to roughen them up again.


By registering your wallet, you can extend its two-year warranty by one year. Enter the unique code engraved inside the wallet here.


If your Vintage wallet needs to be cleaned, gently wipe it down with a damp cloth.

USE 4 TO 6

Did you know that your wallet functions best with four to six cards? If you use credit cards with embossed numbers, leave one card out for easier use.


Is your button hanging loose and your cards aren’t coming out? Thats’ ok. Just press the ejector lever firmly back into the cardprotector until you hear a strong click.

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Caring for your wallet

Cardprotector Care

You can clean the Cardprotector with a soft cloth and soap and rinse it with warm water. However, the salt in seawater can affect the metals, so we recommend rinsing the Cardprotector with fresh water after contact with salt water. Make sure the mechanism is dry before using your wallet again.

Leather Care

No regular maintenance needed. If your wallet gets dirty, the recommended way to clean it depends on the type of leather the wallet is made of.
Water repellent: Use a damp cloth. The leather is unlikely to absorb water or other materials. Do not use any polish.
Water absorbing: We recommend not cleaning them with water as it may alter the color of the leather. If your wallet gets wet, use a soft cloth to gently pat it dry.

For the best long-term solution, visit our Care & Repair point.

Our brick-and-mortar shop is located at

123 Michigan Ave,
Point Edward, ON