Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Discover our favourite items handpicked
by our team for their unique charm and style.


“I love our stunning leather bracelet collection! The many different styles and a galore of pretty colours make that I can match them with any outfit. Plus, the magnetic clasp makes it so easy to put them on by myself. Made by a lovely family in their Quebec jewellery studio, each bracelet is handmade with care and attention to detail. I truly adore every piece in this elegant collection!”
– Janet


“Secrid wallets captivate me for their compactness and convenience. They are space-savers, available in various colours, and ensure RFID safety. Plus, their nifty card pop-up feature makes accessing cards a breeze.
They are made in Holland with great care for their product, and come with a 3-year warranty when you register your wallet!”
– Jeroen


“I’m really drawn to these charcuterie boards because they are crafted from locally-sourced hardwood, giving us a clear understanding of where they come from. They’re versatile too, perfect for displaying charcuterie spreads or for everyday cutting needs. Plus, being hardwoods, they’re robust and totally safe for serving food directly on them”
– Metty