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Dancing Queens


We couldn’t help ourselves! As soon as we slipped on these no-tie aprons we suddenly felt like dancing queens! We are not sure what else is woven into that gorgeous cotton-linen blend fabric, but it definitely gets you grooving!

Do you feel like spicing up your culinary creations with this no-tie, slip-on apron?

You can find it here!

6 thoughts on “Dancing Queens

  1. Love this…. Brings back memories of how sisters can just stop and enjoy a moment … laugh till you cry. ?❤️

    1. Exactly! We should never forget to make fun!

  2. Bringing your KIND of joy ❤️

  3. My sister and I use to listen to Abba all the time while doing the dishes. One time we were having so much fun singing and dancing, the sink ran over with water.
    Good thing Mom and Dad weren’t home. Lol , we were 11 and 17 at the time.

    1. ? that’s too funny and what a great memory! Abba songs made us sing and dance too! Lots of good memories attached.

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