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Old-Fashioned Hot Coco

Hot Coco

Rich in taste
& memories

Making homemade hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) is so easy to do and no other hot coco is as rich in taste and memories as this one. It reminds me of red cheeks, cold toes and a ton of fun when I was a kid.
My mom and dad owned a grocery store in the little town of Appelscha, which is situated on a canal. In the winter, when the water was frozen my dad would tie our wooden ice skates under our boots and air lift us over the street onto the ice. Sometimes we would skate all the way to another town and when we came back with rosy cheeks, excitedly telling my mom about our adventures, she would make us the best tasting hot chocolate.
The wonderful thing about smell and taste is that it vividly brings back fond memories of times gone by and just for a moment…I’m there again!
? Thank you to my brother Anko, for finding this video for me. I can’t believe how quickly he extracted that from his extensive archive! It illustrates my memories accurately.

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