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April 2024 Giveaway


This month, we want to know:

What is something you would like to see in our store?

For a chance to win a $25 gift card, follow these simple instructions


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Scroll down & Comment on this post with your answer


Reply before Wednesday, May 1, 2024


The randomly selected winner will be announced on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Last month, we asked you “What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of spring?”, and you had so many answers! Check out the comments on our previous post here.

Congratulations to the randomly selected March winner of a $25 gift card:
Diane Roebuck

94 thoughts on “April 2024 Giveaway

  1. Your store is amazing…I can’t think of anything to add!

    1. Anything linen!

  2. Refresh

  3. Cuddledown products

  4. Pawprints 🙂

  5. Can’t think of anything new. But I like the purses and am just waiting for the right one for me!

    1. Fresh plants for some of your in store pots

  6. Inspirational books

  7. I would love to see a few forest animal decor!

  8. Sheets

  9. Anything with polar bears on it

  10. area rugs

  11. Your store always so beautiful and the selection is amazing.

  12. I love everything!
    Fresh and faux greenery ????

    1. Art Glass

  13. Bedding

  14. More of the same lovely things!

  15. Cups & Chocolate, for both hands = a balanced life…I know you have some products now, but hot chocolate for your amazing mugs, I love my KIND mug so much!

  16. Janet’s son – Rob!

  17. Love the giftcards

  18. sweat tops and t shirts with your logo

  19. More purses and silver jewelry.

  20. More purses and silver jewelry

  21. More silver jewelry

  22. Bath products.

  23. More made in Holland products! ????????

  24. Patio decor

  25. Small decor items

  26. Maybe more international one kind pieces

  27. Maybe more international one of a kind pieces ????

  28. Speciality waters to enjoy after shopping

  29. products for small spaces – anything?

  30. Maybe more food items

  31. More tofino towels and faux greenery but the same fabulous service

  32. Muslin bedding.

  33. Blown glass art

  34. Bowls

  35. Antique or vintage furniture (small) or small framed art pieces

  36. The same beautiful things

  37. Love the store just the way it is. Lotsa variety and seasonal.

  38. More scented candles
    Specialty coffees
    Some fun small plates

  39. Love your store and enjoy the friendly staff.

  40. more candels

  41. Your store is lovely. The staff is amazing!

  42. clothing pieces, aprons with your logo would be nice. I love my Kind mugs and cutting board.

  43. Everything in your store is amazing my favourite store hands down!! I Just love it all!!

  44. Apparel with your logo would be awesome. Love your store, great selection and always wonderful customer service!!!!

  45. Apparel with your logo would be awesome. Love your store, great selection and always wonderful customer service!!!! ♥️

  46. Your store is beautiful and offers so many lovely decor items. My only suggestion would be to sell mirrors like the large rustic one behind your cash desk… is gorgeous and would make a beautiful addition to my home!! ❤️

  47. Faux greenery. Beautiful store!

  48. Metal rustic big pots for backyard

  49. Everything is beautiful. Your choices of products are excellent. I think I will leave it up to you.

  50. Tablecloths? You already have lots of great stuff!

  51. Perhaps more small kitchen gadgets

  52. I love everything and always the new kind treasures i really can’t think of anything

  53. Pottery (for kitchen and planters)

  54. Love popping in to see what is new, I love your products! And always enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the visit while I shop! ♥️

  55. I love the emails, excellent when you refresh and add new things. I love everything!

  56. Your store is my favourite go to for gifts for friends and family (and me). I can’t think of anything I would add or change.

  57. Love everything in your shop!

  58. Always look forward to visiting the store when we are in town to visit family.

  59. Patio decor and greenery

  60. I love everything about the store. I would love to continue to see more faux in season flower options.

  61. Your store always gives me a warm cozy feeling when I visit.
    Staff are so helpful and friendly.
    Love athe glass blown art wirk

  62. Love your throws and pillows. Apparel with your logo would be fun????????

  63. More wall decor. You have such great taste and excellent staging areas throughout your store so adding a piece of wall decor to a space gets me thinking.

  64. Art Glass

  65. Maybe some small pieces of stained glass

  66. Love everything you have!

  67. Love your store. Maybe outdoor gift ware..

  68. pottery

  69. More original artwork.

  70. It is very hard to think of an item you ladies do not already have in your store. I would say “stone trivet”

  71. Love everything in your store❤️
    Can’t think of anything lol

  72. Love everything in your store but maybe some pre-wrapped gifts for loss/bereavement. I often find it hard to find something of comfort to provide someone who has just endured great loss.

  73. Your store is unique — I like keeping with the cozy and natural elements each season. Staff is great too.

  74. Don’t change a thing. You’ve got it covered. Don’t over do it and loose your identity…

  75. Dog mom friendly products, definitely love the existing collection ????

  76. Faux flowers/greenery

  77. Real eucalyptus bunches !

  78. kind sweat tops and hats with kind LoGo❤️

  79. Some clothing

  80. More patio decor, including items that can transition between inside/outside

  81. Faux greenery

  82. Your store is beautiful whatever you add is okay with me

  83. A few neutral baby items… specifically handmade products??

  84. Linen duvet covers ????????

  85. Can’t think of a thing ….love your store

  86. Had a wonderful shopping experience with my daughter and a friend at your store. Love it and usually come for a shop while visiting with my daughter in Sarnia.
    I live in Callander Ontario

  87. Linen bedding , duvet covers etc.

  88. Outdoor patio decorative solar lights to stick in the ground, Wind chimes tuned to songs or tuned in various keys.

  89. More of the local prints ❤️

  90. Always lovely to win great stride!❤️

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