Mini Cocoa Butter Bath Melts


  • Handpoured with care, each of these squares is made with raw cocoa butter and a splash of sweet almond oil to make the ultimate bath moisturizer
  • A pinch of pink himalaya salts and botanicals have been added to each square to give it a little extra spa vibes!
  • How to Use: We recommend cutting each Cocoa Butter Bath Melt in half (stretch the package so you can get 12 baths from it). Pour yourself a hot bath and drop one of the half squares into the tub. The bath melt will begin to melt into a bath oil. Massage the bath oil into the skin for an ultra moisturizing soak in the tub. When you’re ready to retreat from the tub, pat your skin dry with a towel to keep as much of the nourishing butters on the skin as possible. The Bath Melt can also be added to a super relaxing foot soak at the end of a long day.

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