Luxurious Chocolate Pudding


This chocolate pudding is out of this world! It tastes like restaurant quality and it cooks up so easily. Make it ahead or serve it warm and always add on fun toppings like whipped cream, candied nuts, fruits or chocolate shavings. Use out tips to add egg yolks for an extra creamy delight!

(This product is vegan by using any alternative milk but we prefer oat milk for the best flavour and texture)

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Ingredients: Sugar, Dark Chocolate Pieces, Cocoa Powder, Corn Starch, Salt

May Contain: Dairy and Soy

  • Instructions:
    1. Place 2 tbsp and 3/4 cups of milk or milk alternative into a saucepan
    2. Mix and bring JUST to a light simmer
    3. Stir well, pour into tea cups or small mugs and enjoy! This hot chocolate is very rich so a little goes a long way.
  • 300 g (makes 12 portions – 3/4 cups each)
  • Vegan product – can be made with most alternative milks (but not water)