Glass Pendant Necklace Assorted


  • Material: glass, sterling silver components
  • Each piece is unique in design, colour & shape
  • Handmade by a Canadian artisan in Toronto using the lamp-working technique
  • A variation of options:
    • Stormy Seas Pendant (~ 28 x 25 mm pendant)
    • Sand and Sea Pendant (~ 32 x 25 mm pendant)
    • Sand and Blue Sea Pendant (~ 32 x 25 mm pendant)

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Each bead is individually made by the artist! There is no paint involved, just glass upon glass upon glass. Each bead is 4 – 8 layers of glass. Around layer 3, the bead is rolled in fine silver leaf, then encased in more glass. When the bead is large it is mashed flat so that the silver disperses. This is what gives the pendant the shimmering transparency reminiscent of the ocean in sunshine.