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The candle reimagined – this steel oil candle doesn’t burn down like a wax candle. This is the no drip, smoke-free, scent-free solution to ambiance – with a clean burning, real flame. Everlasting Candles* are a one of a kind indoor oil candle with an elegant and timeless design that have been handcrafted by a husband and wife team in British Columbia, Canada.


*3 Everlasting Candles. Other items sold separately.


Directions for use:

– Add three inches of Pristine OilTM to your vase

– Gently place your Everlasting Candles into the vase

– Wait 30 minutes prior to lighting

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What is the best way to burn an Everlasting Candle?

-Add Pristine Oil™ to your vase

-Hold the tops of your candlesticks in Pristine Oil™

-Turn over and light

How should I store any unused Pristine Oil™ when my candles aren’t lit?

Empty any remaining Pristine Oil from your vase before storing your Everlasting Candles.

When your Everlasting Candles are not in use:

– Remove your candlesticks from the vase, wipe off any excess oil, and store in a safe place, out of reach of children or pets.

If the Pristine Oil™ has not been exhausted via burning off:

– Store Pristine Oil™ in the bottle with the cap secured, in a safe place, out of reach of children or pets.


– Dispose of unused Pristine Oil™ in accordance with local waste disposal requirements.