Positive focus

In most of the houses we owned we did several extensive renovations ?We liked doing most of the work ourselves and it was absolutely rewarding. But renovating while being pregnant ?, and later with small kids around, was definitely challenging at times. The one thing that always kept me going was envisioning it DONE. Decorated and all. Done ✅ 
Not that I could oversee the projects all the time. Far from that actually. We planned as we went, and often had to change plans because unexpected issues arose. But I focused on a point in time where we would just look back at it and say ‘we did it! We managed to keep going and now it’s done’. And that moment always came. 

Today’s terribly challenging situation is of non comparison. But FOCUSING on a point in time where this is all OVER, is exactly what I am doing right now. We don’t know what’s ahead of us. New actions are taken daily, based on new assessments. We trust that the serious steps we all are taking right now are the right ones: 
I am envisioning the point in time where we look back, where we can say ‘?? ??? ??, ?? ??????? ?? ??? ???????!’

Stay safe ♡ digital hug