World Tapas Day

We at Kind thought the best way to celebrate World Tapas Day would be to indulge in bountiful appetizers and delicacies.

We are grateful not only for this food, but for the beautiful artwork we get to create using some of our very own Kind items. Our unique charcuterie boards are the backbone of this ensemble; a minimalistic brown tone under a multitude of vibrant colours and textures. Tapas serving bowls and appetizer plates overflowing with rich flavours encourage creativity and originality. Additionally, a set of cheese knives allows for convenient feasting; breaking into that brie requires a mere flick of the wrist. The joy in creating this edible creation lies in its creativity: you get to decide how it all comes together. And the tasty food as a result? We don’t mind that part either.



Find all our tapas items here:

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