Creating habits to succeed

“Willpower is a limited resource”. I actually never realized this. For the longest time I thought that if I remained one hundred percent enthousiastic and if I was disciplined every hour of the day… I would reach that goal. Yet I did not. Whether it was getting active or many other changes I desired. Willpower is not an endless resource. It was the absence of habits to support my goals, that made me not reach my goals.
A break to meditate or keep going? Get out of bed or sleep in? A Netflix marathon or a hike? We make thousands of decisions every day. Habits free us from recurring struggles of making a decision. A bowl of fruit or ice cream after supper? I’d love to say that I had that one down (but I don’t).

Did you know that it takes an average of 66 days to establish a new habit? I did not. Since I started using the 6-minute journal last year, I’ve learned that tiny changes can create big results.
The opportunities in our personal and professional lives are overwhelming. Using this gratitude and habits journal has brought more fulfillment because I’m focusing on what is important to ME. It has brought clarity and mindfullness. And I must say that was a much needed change.

Now when you are passionate about something you want to talk about it right? That is what I did at home. A lot. Like A LOT! And I do not apologize for it. I actually purchased a journal for the fam jam too. And after that I contacted UrBestSelf to let them know how much it helped me grow and that I’d like to bring these life changing journals in my store.
So here it is. The 6-minute success journal. An incredibly positive tool that I feel the desire to share with you!

Have a fulfilling week!

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