I am blessed with four sisters and one brother. Some of you have met my Dutch siblings, but most of you only know Metty and me. 👭👫👭

It is fascinating to see that even though we did not grow up together -Metty moved to Canada when I was 9 years old- we still have so many things in common. We’ll do the same things without knowing it. We’ll text each other at the same time, about the exact same (random) thing. We’ll prepare an interesting new recipe without having talked about it, on the same day. We’ll come to work wearing the same clothes. We learned from our customers that our voices are identical and that we definitely look like sisters. 👭

I can tell you it’s quite the experience when the Hofstra’s and their partners are together. And I miss that greatly! But I feel good that my big sis is here.

Prepping for opening the store has started! The warehouse setup will soon be transferred into the cozy Kind boutique! We are raring to go and are looking forward to seeing you again. 

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