Day one

I have always liked the days leading up to a new year. Almost like staring at a blank canvas and about to start painting. It’s the perfect time to reflect, set goals and to visualize the new. But it doesn’t need to be January 1st to take a first step; every day is a chance for new beginnings. It only takes action to start.


Looking back on this special year I have made meaningful memories and beautiful friends, I have made mistakes, I have achieved challenging goals, I had to make adjustments, and some more adjustments, had fun, shed tears, laughed out loud, worked hard, had to be patient, stayed positive and found out that sometimes success is just around the corner from difficulty. 


Jeroen and I have set exciting goals, came up with brand new ideas and are looking forward to a loving, fun and adventurous new chapter. We wish you the very same; that you may be painting your masterpiece. Thank you for being part of our lives. 

One day or day ONE

You decide.


Jeroen & Janet

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