Our 1st Anniversary

Without a word of a lie we can say “time flies when you are having fun!” It has been an amazing first year; we got to know you! We learned a tremendous amount and had so much fun changing up the store numerous times. We worked hard to bring in new decor often to showcase exciting and new collections.
And yes, we have to be honest; we had a few challenges to conquer. Who could have ever expected that our first year would include a pandemic and a mandated store closure. But you supported us by virtual browsing and purchasing in our webshop.
We are so happy to be in The Point. The community has been so welcoming and supportive, and we are proud to say that we also attract people from far away, who want to see “that cute shop that they’ve heard about” for themselves.
Thank you for sharing your positive feedback. Thank you for sending your friends over. Thank you for sharing our posts on social media. Thank you for your continued business. We love what we do and we can only do it because of you!